"PrintWeb has given us good follow up and they kept us informed throughout the process."

Adrian J L Randall FCA, BSc(Econ), FCIE - Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados

Web Printing

PrintWeb Advantages

Quick Turnaround

  • The advancement in technology through the Heiderberg web press has allowed us to access this state-of-the-art equipment that eliminates your long waits to have your product in your hands.
  • The time-saving efficiency characteristics of our press enables us to turn around your projects quickly so you can see your products much sooner than if it were with other printers.

Cost Effective

  • Since the benefits of using a web press include significantly less press time and resources to effectively produce print runs, PrintWeb can afford to offer extremely competitive rates for high quality products, especially with a quantity of over 3,000.

Print Excellence

  • One of our main attributes is the supreme finish our press is able to produce. You are guaranteed a cutting-edge image for your brand which you'll be happy to share with your customers.
Press in Action

Photo of the Heidelberg Web 8 Heat-set Press in Action

Web Press

  • The Heilderberg web press and related technology allow Printweb to offer offset printing and high-quality multicolour commercial heat-set printing.
  • This press features an impressive remote control console, which facilitates faster than usual transitions between printing processes and quick make-ready.
  • Our press also boasts of a superior inking capacity by its rollers and plate inkers; automatic controls through sensors and valves sensitive enough to make ink duct overflowing impossible; and top-class dampening units.
  • Our press is equip with an auto-register system, which puts your colour registration in from start to finish.
  • These features make the Heilderberg web press an exceptional performer and gives PrintWeb the ability to bring concepts to life with prints of vivid colour and immaculate impressions.
  • It’s definitely a first-choice option for producing quality materials that meet your communication and visual needs.


  • CTP digital technology - our Pre-Press Department is equipped with computer-to-plate (CTP) technology.
  • Customer files are processed and imaged directly to plate for crisp lithographic reproduction.
  • Colour proofs combine with the latest Imposition software delivers contract quality proofs with vivid, accurate colour reproduction for customer's approval before the printing process occurs.


  • PrintWeb Caribbean features the Heidelberg Web 8 heat-set press which is known for accurate colour reproduction.
  • Heidelberg equipment is well known as the standard in commercial quality offset printing.
  • Six colour-perfecting units with automatic registration, in-line signature folding, pattern perforating, and sheeting capabilities to ensure your magazine, insert, catalogue or commercial project stays on track and is delivered on time.
  • Our staff pay meticulous attention to detail and welcome clients press-side for final approvals.

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